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1. Where does the hair come from?

Hair can come from all over the world. I particularly buy Indian, European, and Brazilian hair. I find these hair types to be the strongest and most durable for the use of long lasting healthy human extensions.

2. What is the difference in the types of hair?

The best way to choose which type is most suitable for you will depend on your hair texture, natural curl pattern, and how you will most typically be styling it on a daily basis.

Indian Hair:
This hair is very durable and strong genetically. Most Indian Hair has not been damaged by color, highliting, and heat styling. Most indian hair has a soft wave pattern while air drying, so it holds curl with a curling iron nicely, but will also flat iron or be blown out with relative ease. This hair is versitile for almost any hair type. Virgin Indian hair is naturally dark, but also lightens to lighter shades easily and healthy.

European Hair:
This hair has the tendency to be naturally straighter. European hair is shiny and finer in texture, and would best be worn by similar hair textures that prefers more straight styling with a blow out or flat iron. This particular hair would not be suitable for use on ethnic or very curly hair textures.

Brazilian Hair:
This hair is of medium texture, and can be found in very straight to very curly in wave pattern. This also makes this type very versitile, beacuse a caucasion blonde would be able to wear it with ease who normally uses a flat iron, As well as a courser or ethnic texture who prefers curls at all times will be able to blend it with ease. Brazilian hair naturally dark is healthy and shiney, but also colors into lighter shades effectively.

3. How long will it take the hair to come in?

There is usually enough stock on hand to accomodate your needs immediately when you are ready for install. In certain circumstances a special order may be required, which can take about a week.

4. How long does it take to install?

Installation will vary depending on the best chosen method for you. a typical description is the following:

Seamless tape hair extensionsSeamless Tape:

This method is the fastest, about one hour to install. These will require a maintenance appointment every 6-8 weeks depending on how fast your natural hair grows out. During a maintenance, the extensions are removed which can take up to an hour, new adhesive is place on the extension, then it is reinstalled up closer to the scalp. The hair can be reused on average 6 months.
Keritan tipped extensionsHot fusion Keratin bonds:

This method can be installed on average between 3-4 hours. It is a piece by piece method where about 50 strands of hair that is tipped with keratin is melted and hardened to your own hair of about the same amount of strands so that the weight is evenly distributed to not cause tension on your own hair. the strands can be custom sized to accomodate whether you have fine, medium, or thick hair. This hair will need to be maintenanced in 6 months, and can be reused a second time around. The hair is removed with a removal solution, a standard removal is about 3 hours, then the extensions are tipped with new keratin and reinstalled the initial way.
micro loop extensionsMicro-link, Micro-loop, or any simiar tube connector
(also called i-tipped cold bonds):

This method the extension is applied to your hair with a small round cylindar that clamps the extension to your own hair. It is also the same size as hot fusion pieces and the same concept. This method needs a maintenance every 6-8 weeks, where the old cylindar is removed, a new one goes in its place and the extension is moved back up by the scalp. Average install time is about 3 hours as well as the maintenance appointments. With proper products and care this hair will also be able to be reused up to a year.
Brazilian String Extensions Brazilian string:

This method is the longest to install, but comes with many benefits. There is only a pliable string used to attach the extension to your own hair. It has very long lasting power for staying in, with no chemicals needed to be attached to your hair. The maintenance is every 3-4 months, removal is about an hour, the string gets snipped with a scissor, the extension slides out easily, then they are reinstalled the original way. This hair will also be able to be reused a year with proper products and care.
In this method, the hair is actually left on a hand sewn weft in strips measured to your needed size. The weft is attached horizontally accross by the scalp area, and can be attached either with a micro-link every 3/4 of an inch or by using the brazillian string knot every inch or so. This is the most temporary method that would need to be done every 4-6 weeks. The only person not suitable for this would be someone with extremely thin fine hair. Install is 1-2 hours.

5. Can I color and style them?

You will be able to wash, use products, curl, flatiron, and blow dry your extensions just like your own hair. I do not recommend coloring them yourself, as a strand test should always be done first by a professional to create the proper formula needed for your desired result. The extensions do not have the exact chemical makeup of your own hair, will react differently to color, and could result in discoloration could occur if not properly chemically diagnosed.

6. Will I see or feel the bonds?

As long as the proper install method is used according to your hair type and they are placed properly, they will not be visible to others. You should not be able to know that the extension is not your own hair. To some degree you will be able to feel something when you touch your scalp, but it is not painful to have in or will be visible to others. After wearing them for some time, they become a part of you and your daily routine and you wont notice them anymore.

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