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Alecia is a certified extension specialist who has worn and tested every brand of hair and install method on the market.

She has learned every avenue and terminology as far as quality, origin, price, and lasting power. Alecia uses the highest level of quality hair at the most competitive prices. The hair is 100% human, remy, double drawn hair.

We have by far the most affordable prices on the market - without sacrificing the very best quality work. Please contact us to make an appointment for your individual, 15-minute, complimentary assessment consultation.

eyelash extensions

85 to 125 full set permanant lashes
35 to 55 fill-in permanant lashes
20 temporary flares*
* temporary flares are intended for short term special occasion use.

human hair extensions

quote provided at a complimentary individual assessment consultation
our 100% human hair will last up to a year with proper care and maintenance. custom matched for color, texture and wave pattern. a non-refundable deposit of 50% will be required at time of booking to custom order desired hair colors and lengths.

hair extensions
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